Dissemination info

Purpose of Dissemination Strategy

This Chapter describes the Communication Strategy for the ENGINE project; its objectives and measures to achieve them during the implementation of the project. This Communication Strategy seeks to provide to the stakeholders and target groups relevant and accurate information regarding the milestones of the ENGINE project, as well as ensures that all project activities and results are fully disseminated at the public at large. This Communication Strategy will produce the following results until the end of the project: Raise awareness about the ENGINE project; Inform target groups about the project outputs and results; Communicate the benefits of the ENGINE projects; Promote active participation of the public at large in the ENGINE Project.

Project Partners of the ENGINE Consortium are bound by the Erasmus+ rules regarding communication and dissemination. As experienced partners with project development, they are expected to adequately and effectively use this communication strategy to ensure successful implementation of its objectives. 

Various tools of communication are foreseen to be used throughout the project, from its beginning and to continue until the full completion of the project.  More specifically: Project visual identity materials like flyers, posters, roll-ups, brochures, interactive website and user-friendly, modular learning and information materials will be developed; Newsletters will be published every six months announcing and reporting about relevant achievements and events; Tailor-made publications will inform and attract different target and user groups, e.g. students, enterprises, HR-experts, researchers, networks and administrations; Project will deliver paper to relevant international conferences or scientific journals on project implementation and achieved results; Target oriented dissemination will be addressing different target group needs; Quantitative dissemination activities will be carried out using the large partner networks for several thousand potentially interested organizations.

The Communication Strategy of the ENGINE project will include a range of informative and promotional activities/events and outputs, which will have interactive and collaborative character, meaning that they will try to incorporate feedback from target groups and beneficiaries, and will make the best use of the available resources. These outputs will also be very innovative and accountable, meaning that the project activities will utilize new media as an integral part of dissemination, and will be monitored and evaluated according to the plan for the implementation of project activities.