Polytechnic University of Tirana 

Polytechnic University of Tirana (PUT) is a public academic institution and the only Polytechnic University in Albania. It has been founded in 1951 under the name of Higher Polytechnic Institute. PUT nowadays provides study programmes in the three study cycles and it is composed of 7 Faculties and 1 Research Scientific Institute. Polytechnic University of Tirana, in all main units and base units (departments), has records of partnership agreements with foreign higher education institutions through participation in scientific research projects with foreign universities. It aims the expansion of cooperation and improvement of scientific research results quality. We have received financial support from several EU Grants like: Horizon 2020, EC COST / COST NESUS, Erasmus Mundus (Euroweb+), Erasmus FETCH, and KA1 Erasmus + Programme with many European countries. The Polytechnic University of Tirana has national collaboration agreements with many partners such as institutions or faculties according to the respective agreements on study programmes and scientific research for their improvement and adaptation with the needs of the labor market in Albania. Being part of many international projects, the Polytechnic University of Tirana itself has a series of agreements with international counterpart institutions in accordance with the national and international format. Power System Department as part of Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Polytechnic University of Tirana is one of the oldest departments of the faculty. The teaching and Research activities  of Electric Power System Department includes Power System Stability and Control, Modeling and Simulation of Power System, Renewable Energies Sources, Power Plants, Power System Reliability Analysis, Smart grids and intelligent use of energy, Isolation and electrical materials, Electric equipment, Forecasting and pricing of Energy, Relay devices and monitoring of power system, Energy Efficiency, Etc. The Department is responsible for development and improvement of teaching curricula for Electrical Power System Studies with the symbiosis of education and research as well as for optimal integration into the labour market. The curricula and teaching policies are increasingly focusing on the analytical, methodological, conceptual and communicational skills which will enable a university graduate to adapt to power sectors challenges and be innovative throughout his or her carrier. The degrees offered by Electric Power System Department, part of Electrical Engineering Faculty are as following: 1)Bachelor in Electric Engineering- Electric Power System profile; 2)Master of Science in Electric Engineering- Electric Power System profile; 3)Master Professional in Electric Power System.  With the skills acquired during the academic years, our students have the opportunity to be employed in public or private companies/institutions where the demand for Electric Power System specialists is quite high. The academic staff and PhD students of department was involved in several national and international research contracts. 

Role of the University in this project PUT is Project leader of the consortium responsible for the overall project implementation, for monitoring of the project execution and reporting to the EACEA. PUT is the Lead Partner of the Management WP and provides substantial support to all other WP leaders and partners. As Project leader we will provide the necessary input needed for success in terms of human resources (staff qualification and experience, students involvement, networking with third parties if needed) and physical resources (data, legislation, etc.) for achieving project goals at its highest levels. Furthermore, PUT will participate to all other WPs implementation transferring the knowhow gained through its extensive experience in the fields of Electric Power System education and research. PUT takes active part and contribute substantially in the preparation of the report for Albania and partner HEIs, in respect of market analysis, preparation of questionnaire and identifications of target groups subjects of interviews, preparation of competence matrix report, report on learning outcomes for bachelor, preparation of new and updated study programs as part of WP1. PUT takes active part and contribute essentially in the updated BSc Programmes and partner HEIs, preparation of accreditation documents as part of WP2. The laboratories of PUT will be upgraded with new equipment for practical work of students and development and delivery of ICT-based materials. PUT takes active part and contribute substantially in the BSc e-learning courses developed, laboratory course material developed and preparation of necessary information for ENGINE On-line platform as part of WP3. Teachers will be trained on new teaching methodologies and pedagogical approaches with the use of learning outcomes and on the development of e-learning materials. PUT takes active part contribute substantially in the preparation of Evaluation Plan and Interim and final Evaluation Reports as part of WP4 with the aim to ensure high quality of deliverables of the project PUT takes active part contribute substantially in the preparation of the Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy plan, the preparation of  Scientific Papers and ENGINE conference as part of WP5 in order to contribute to increase the number of beneficiaries and to assure the sustainability of the achieved Project

Staff involved in the project: photo and short BIO

Prof.Dr. Rajmonda BUALOTI (ÇAKO) received the Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the Tirana University, Albania, in 1981. After her studies, she worked in Albanian Power Corporation in Control Department. From 1983 she joined the Electrical Engineering Faculty of the Tirana University. She received her PhD degree from the Tirana University, Albania, in 1989. From May 1999 to November 2006 she was Associate Professor of Power System Analysis at Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania. Since November 2006 she is Full Professor of Power System Analysis at Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania. From June 2020 she is member of Academy of Sciences of Albania. She has served as head of Power System Chair and Electrical Department, Electrical Engineering Faculty, Polytechnic University of Tirana. She has served also as head of Research Department as well as Vice Rector of Polytechnic University of Tirana. Actually she is Head of Electric Power System Department of Electrical Engineering Faculty. The teaching and research interests include Transient Processes Analysis in Electric Power System, Modeling and Simulation of Power System Dynamics, Model development for the simulation of electromagnetic transients in power systems, Simulation of steady state and transient performance of transmission and distribution grids, Power System Stability and Control, FACTS, Fuzzy Reasoning Approach Application in Power System, Power System Reliability Analysis, Distributed energy resources with special emphasis in their dynamic performance, Environmental impacts of power systems with emphasis in the technologies to rationalize energy consumption, Load profiling and clustering with special emphasis in demand response, forecasting and dynamic pricing,  Smart grids and intelligent use of energy, etc. She coauthored more than 88 papers in the proceedings of international /national Conferences, journal papers and four university books and tutorial notes. She has served as reviewer for a number of journal and conferences and served as member of Committee of many international conferences. She is member of the IEEE and IAENG. She has organized the academic and scientific activity at the national level; coordinate the drawing up the curricula for three level of the university study.  She was Visiting Scientist at different universities in Italy, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Israel, etc. She has taught more than 21 courses of university, Post University and as invited lecturer on subjects of the Power System Analysis. She has been involved in 15 international /national project has served as Project Co-author. She is Expert in Programme Committee for the specific programme implementing Horizon 2020 – the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020) – Configuration ‘Secure, clean and efficient energy’. 

Marialis Çelo is graduated as Electrical Engineer (1990) and later MSc. Diploma on “Power Systems” at Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania. She received Doctor of Science PhD (2005) on “Analysis of reliability indices of power system focused also to the quality and cost of the power supply” (Polytechnic of Tirana), “Associated Professor’ academic title (2011) and Professor academic title (2020). Currently she is working as full time Professor at Power System Department of Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania www.upt.al(20014/21 full time lecturer and 1992-2014 part time lecturer). She is lecturer of ‘Hydro generation facilities”, Energetic Economy”, “Operational Regime and Management of Power System”, “Management of Transmission System Operation”. Guest lecturer at the South Eastern Europe University – Tetovo FYROM (2015-2016). The teaching and research field of expertise include power system reliability analysis, operation of transmission systems, distributed energy resources, energetic economy, hydro generation facilities, power market operation etc. She has 30-years’ experience in teaching and valuation practice in design and implementing Projects at Power Sector in Albania. Her practice activity and scientific research have been oriented towards power system analysis, design and implementation Projects such as Drin River Cascade Rehabilitation Project, Dam Safety Project, etc. She has 23 years’ experience (1991-2014 at Albanian Power Corporation) working in the area of Power System, in numerous project, particularly in the reinforcement and up-grading of Albanian transmission system, improvement of the Power SystemStability, interconnection lines with neighbour countries hydro power plant rehabilitation Projects.She has long experience, more than 18 years as Project Coordinator, Project Director for implemented Projects co financed by donors and lenders at Albanian Power Sector working with international financial Institutions such as World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - EBRD, SECO – Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs, ADA, - Austrian Development Agency, JBIC – Japanese Bank for International Cooperation. She has long experience working with international Consulting Companies, Dam Review Panel of Experts; European Contractors and suppliers for electrical and hydro mechanical equipment for hydropower plants, substations etc. Participant in many international conferences, events and networks, Tempus Projects etc. She is author and co-author of numerous publications, scientific articles, one monography, studies performed, books, courses prepared in English language and training coursesetc. She was member of the Technical Opponent Board at the Albanian National Agency of Natural Sources (AKBN)for development scheme of new hydropower plant at Albania,member of Thermo Power Plant supervision boardalso member of scientific committees of Conferences organize in power sector in Albania and abroad


Aldi Muçka received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Polytechnic of Tirana in 2008 and 2010, respectively. From 2010 he works as lector in Department of Power Systems in Faculty of Electrical Engineering. During this time, he has got deep study in field of control and operation of electrical power system. He now is work as first Lector at Department of Power Systems.   


Alma Afezolli

Projects Office

Graduated as Construction Engineer (1991) and post-graduated in Traffic Engineering at Polytechnic of Tirana. Master's degree in Construction Engineering (2007) at Civil Engineering Faculty, PUT and Doctor of Science in Construction Engineering 2013, for the “Traffic and Safety Control at Road Intersections, the Comparison of Performance between a level Traffic-Lights and Roundabout Intersections”. She has obtained also the title Associated Professor in 2020.

She has 31 years of experience in the academic field near the Construction and Transport Infrastructure Department at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Polytechnic University of Tirana.

She has been involved in several projects, “TEMPUS” Programme 1995, near the Structural Engineering Department of the Polytechnic University of Milano; TEMPUS” Jeep 1997-1999 Programme, near the “Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussess” of Paris; Jep Programme “TEMPUS” 2006, near the Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy.

She has participated in national and international workshops, seminars, conferences, with presentations in the area of Transport Research and is also author of several publications and a monograph.

Currently she holds the position of Head of Scientific and Professional Projects Unit in the Scientific Research and Projects Directory, coordinating Erasmus+ projects, in the role of leader and partner as well.