Albenecon Ltd. is a private company specialized in engineering design and supervision, procurement, energy and quality management systems. Albenecon Ltd. offer a wide spectrum of services in Construction, Architecture, Energy, Infrastructure, and Management Systems. In particular Albenecon is involved in:

  • Architectural Design of buildings and interiors
  • Structural Assessments and Design: Albenecon performs structural analysis of concrete, steel, timber, and masonry buildings or structures and provides all the necessary drawings and technical information that facilitate construction.
  • Energy Efficiency assessments and modifications of buildings in accordance with energy efficiency principles
  • Infrastructure projects feasibility and design services
  • Training and assistance for implementation of management services

The role of Albenecon in this project is to assist the team with technical issues and to provide technical information and training for students and alumni in special topics related energy generation, transmission, and efficiency.

The staff involved in this project:

Alfred Bundo and Andy Zhugli.

Alfred Bundo is a civil engineer by training, he has over 25 years of experience in  project and procurement management, construction design and supervision  management systems and energy audits. Mr. Bundo received a BS and MS degree in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Tirana in 1994 and a MS degree in Public Administration Management from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, USA in 2003. He is also a licensed Energy Auditor in Albania and International Quality  Lead Auditor by International Register Certified Auditor , U.K. and; also, a member of Technical Committee of General Directory of Standardization and Metrology of Albania.

Andy Zhugli is also is a civil engineer with over 15 years of experience in  project management, construction design and supervision  and in a multitude of matters including; geotechnical assessments and designs, structural designs in steel, aluminum and reinforced concrete, energy transmission designs, hydropower designs, preparation of technical specifications, technical group management, implementation of quality management systems, product development, tendering assistance for foreign companies bidding for projects in Albania, and many other technical support services. Mr. Zhugli received a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Central Florida, in 2005 and an MS in Infrastructure Project Management from the University of Liverpool, in 2013. He is licensed to practice civil engineering in the State of Florida and licensed for structural design works in Albania. He is a member of American Society of Civil Engineers, since the year 2007.

Contact Person: Alfred Bundo

Website: Albenecon.com