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European University of Tirana is a leading university and research centre in Albania, established in full compliance with the criteria of the Bologna Charter, offering study programmes in three cycles: bachelor; master and PhD. UET engages in high quality teaching and research as well as exchange programmes and capacity building projects with local and international partners in the following disciplines: social sciences, humanities, environmental sciences, complex systems, information technology and engineering, agricultural sciences and health sciences. UET is particularly interested in the link between study programmes, research and labour market as well as the community. As such, UET has established the Labour Market Boards for each department which are composed of highly qualified professionals from the public sector, business and various relevant CSOs working to promote common interests. UET has a pool of highly qualified researchers, lecturers and project managers and it works closely with a well-established network of higher education institutions, businesses, research institutes and other stakeholders. UET pays particular importance to its strategic communication, visibility of actions, dissemination of information, knowledge-sharing and exchange of experiences and know-how.

UET Mission


UET engages in high quality teaching and research as well as exchange programmes and capacity building projects and joint initiatives with local and international partners in the following major disciplines: law, social sciences, political sciences and economy and information technology. UET has a pool of highly qualified lecturers, researchers, scholars and project managers. It encourages a culture of knowledge-sharing, openness and horizontal linkages between HEIs, CSOs, research centres, private sector, governmental organizations and relevant stakeholders.

UET maintains its commitment to impact the society at large in Albania and seeks to have a regional contribution too. To do so, UET pays particular importance to its strategic communication, visibility of actions and dissemination of information.


Role of the University in this project:


European University of Tirana will lead the work package Dissemination and Exploitation.

UET brings to the ENGINE project its extensive expertise and experience in CBHE projects and aims at further developing its capacities through this project.  UET as a project partner will ensure the smooth project implementation and communication and actively participate in all the foreseen project activities. Additionally, UET will co-lead Dissemination & Exploitation WP. UET Team has previous experience in leading dissemination and exploitation WPs for other CBHE projects. UET highly empathises the importance of dissemination and exploitation of project results. Therefore, will actively support the Dissemination and Exploitation activities foreseen in the project as well as initiated other relevant communication activities. Overall, in the scope of the project implementation, UET will be actively involved in all project activities and perform all the assigned tasks at the best of its capacities.

Staff involved in the project:

Dr. Maksim Cipi is a Lecturer at the Department of Engineering and Architecture. Dr. Maksim Cipi studied Civil Engineering, in the University of Tirana, Albania, where he excelled as a student. Maksim Cipi obtained professional licenses both abroad and from the Albanian Ministry. Since 2005 he is registered on the “Register of Engineer of Rome province” with a tracked record in Buildings and Civil Structures Design, Project delivery, and Supervision. 2008 Maksim Cipi obtained  the license in the Urban Development Ministry in Structural Design and Supervision and Test Execution Works.

Dr. Maksim Cipi has over 40 years working experience in professional activity in the field of various structures from b.a. of b.a.p, as well as of construction in seismic zones, like “IGA S.p.A.” Company, “C.G.E. - Compagnia Generale per l’Edilizia”, “SOREMA S.r.l.”, etc. Dr. Maksim Cipi contributed academically by lecturing both bachelor and master programs since 1982. Some of his subjects would be “Construction materials, Prestressed Concrete constructions and Reinforced Concrete structures” at  the Polytechnic University of Tirana (1982-2017), “Structural design principles, Reinforced concrete – Advanced Course” in Tirana Metropolitan University (2013-2015) and “Science of Construction” (2017) in Albanian University.

Kebjana Haka is Project Manager of the Office for Project Development and Partnership in the European University of Tirana. She has received a master’s degree in Governance and Public Administration from the Albanian University in Albania and she earned a Bachelor of Philosophy-Sociology in Social Sciences from the University of Tirana. Since 2013, she has been involved in the management of several projects related to regional cooperation, the European Union and good-governance issues. Ms. Haka has an extensive working experience in project cycle management with a focus on developing, monitoring, evaluation, assessment of institutional performance indicators and as well as in assisting local governance units and local communities. For over five years, Haka has held the position of senior expert on IPA CBC and Transnational Cooperation Programs at the Ministry of European Integration in Albania. Subsequently, she was appointed Project Manager of Technical Assistance projects in the Ministry of European Integration, financed by the European Union. Ms. Haka is also the Executive Director of UET Centre, as from 2019.

Kebjana Haka

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